Group Health

Group health insurance is one of the most important benefits sought by employees. It also helps keep your employees healthy, productive, and active. Group health Insurance usually covers preventive, ongoing, and emergency care for the employees. Besides your employees, this insurance can also cover their eligible dependents. Group health insurance is one of the main reasons of employee retention and is often considered an integral part of a comprehensive employee benefits package.


We shop a wide variety of insurance companies to find the best dental plan for your employees. We strive to give you the best value and coverage for your money. There are many important factors to consider before getting into a dental plan contract. Some of those are: deductibles, group costs, how long the insurance company is in the market, and list of providers. Contact us today to see all options available to you.


A vision plan usually covers regular eye exams, glasses and/or contact lenses. The plan schedule defines discounts, deductibles, and time spans to reuse the same benefits again. On the other side, it also helps your employees to keep their vision healthy, so that they can meet, greet and serve your customers (and help keep your business growing). Contact us today to re-evaluate your existing vision plan or let us find you the best vision plan for your employees.


Providing life insurance to your employees through work is the best and easiest offering you can make, which can simply be a part of your benefits package. It makes your employees feel like you care about them. Besides the basic coverage, with a very small premium increase, you can also opt to provide extra life insurance to your employees and their dependents (Simplified or no underwriting required).

Disablity and Work Benefits

Most of the employers do not realize that there are much more chances of their employees needing disability insurance than they think. Disability insurance can help provide a peace of mind for you and your employees. Some states may mandate the existence of Disability Insurance through the employer. Disability Insurance can pay for workplace modification, rehabilitative services, and work incentives.

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